Experience 360 is a deeply personal journey born out of frustration…

I was fed up with the number of complaints I received from friends and family related to poor health experiences, but couldn’t fathom how I, as one person, could make a difference to the way the healthcare system operates. The enormity of the task was daunting, overwhelming, seemingly impossible.

I reached out to my mentor for help, he quoted wise words “there is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.” I realised I had wasted years waiting for someone else to deliver a silver-bullet solution, when in fact I could start solving health care problems now, one at a time. And I started to see change happen faster than I was expecting…

Fast forward to now… and I have an experience-centred advisory firm made up of a tight-knit community of passionate, purpose-led individuals motivated to ensure experience is leveraged to deliver better outcomes for all.

I now understand the seemingly ‘impossible’ (transformation of the healthcare system to a patient-centred model) can be accomplished one purpose-driven client at a time.

Our Vision

To accelerate the innovation of healthcare organisations to consistently deliver world-class, patient-centred, value-based healthcare that is fit for tomorrow’s purpose.

Our Mission

To inspire health leaders to deliver outcomes that matter most to patients so that, together, we can positively impact the health and wellbeing of all Australians

Our Values

These are the actions we take and the way we work every day to bring our vision to life…

Put People First:

  • Prioritise people outcomes ahead of financial gain.
  • Recognise and respect the feelings of others.
  • Ask, “what is the outcome that matters most for the patient?”

Find the positive in everything:

  • Find the silver lining in every situation and in every person.
  • Think forward, not backward.
  • Find the root cause of the problem and see the way to solve it.

Keep It Simple:

  • Make the complex simple so everyone can understand.
  • Simple language and simple ideas are easily understood and easier to execute.

Take the lateral thinking perspective:

  • Share ideas, perspectives and feelings. Open up to doing things a different way.
  • Admit you don’t know and ask to learn.
  • Challenge established assumptions and ways of thinking.
  • Get people together to learn, progress and move forward faster than you can on your own.

Focus on the long term:

  • Build something that will outlast every one of us.
  • Take small steps and contribute to something bigger than yourself.
  • Focus on trending and momentum more than hitting arbitrary numbers and dates.

Our Values Help Us Determine Who We Partner With

We want to help our clients build organisations that put patients first, because patient-centred cultures are more inspiring for employees and patients alike.

We recognise helping healthcare organisations change not only their mindset, but also their systems and processes to create a patient-centred organisation isn’t easy… and we will need to develop a long-term collaboration if we are to be successful.

We need to ensure we are a good fit for each other… and this is where our values come in.

If, during our preliminary discussions, we sense it “doesn’t feel right” and perhaps we “can’t put our finger on it” – we use our values to see if we can find what’s misaligned.

For example, some potential clients are looking for “quick wins”, or are not open to taking a different approach to effect change, or insist upfront on complex detail about how the engagement will work.

These potential clients don’t align with our values of ‘focus on the long term’, ‘take a lateral thinking perspective’, or ‘keep it simple’.

It just doesn’t feel right, and it’s not a good fit.

In our experience, it’s better to sit on the sidelines and cheer on these organisations rather than to actively engage in a relationship that is sure to be hard for both of us. In addition, we aren’t in an environment where we could be at our natural best.

We recognise this as a positive outcome… and it has the best interests of both parties at heart.

Why Is The Business Called Experience 360?

Experience 360 is an experience-centred advisory firm made up of a tight-knit community of passionate, purpose-led individuals motivated to ensure experience is leveraged to deliver better outcomes for all.

Why call it Experience 360?

If you have read the section at the top of the page you already know I was fed up with the number of complaints I received from friends and family related to poor health experiences.

The word Experience relates to improving healthcare experiences for patients like those described by my friends and family…

The original business philosophy was to help our clients improve their patients experience and in return they would be rewarded for their efforts… That philosophy still holds true today.

Those rewards come in the form of positive feedback from patients as evidenced by a continuous stream of:

  • Handwritten notes to say thank you for their respect and compassion,
  • Gifts to say thank you for their care and comfort,
  • Referrals as a result of positive word of mouth recommendations from friends and family, and
  • Longer term relationships with existing patients

What about the 360?

The 360 in the business name is based on the principle of cause and effect – that everything action (cause) has an flow on effect – a 360 degree feedback circle, effectively closing the loop.

I have heard many manifestations of this principle throughout my life, including:

“What goes around comes around”

“As you sow, so shall you reap”

“If you give to others, you will receive in return”

“If you are nice to people, people will be nice to you”

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

Regardless of the version, the sentiment remains the same. Be kind!

The principle of ‘closing the loop’ is fundamental to everything about Experience 360.

“I Thought I Understood Patient Experience, But Shelley Identified Opportunities I Never Even Considered…”

Peter Williams, Director, Australian Advisory Boards Institute

I worked with Shelley on an advisory board when I asked for help improving the patient experience within a GP practice group.

At the time, I thought that I understood patient experience well. But after meeting her, I realised that I only had a surface-level understanding.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Watching Shelley do her thing was a truly breathtaking experience. She has an innate ability to look at an interaction and intuitively recognise the underlying communication.  This in turn allows her to see unique opportunities to create amazing outcomes.

If you want to take your patient experience to a whole new level, I thoroughly recommend Shelley.

Peter Williams

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