About Us

Experience 360 is an experience-centred advisory firm made up of a tight-knit community of passionate, purpose-led individuals motivated to ensure patient experience is leveraged to deliver better outcomes for all.

Our History

Established in 2017 by healthcare professional and outcomes-based care advocate, Shelley Thomson, Experience 360 was founded out of the frustration she had with the current health system and the poor experiences she was seeing and hearing of in the industry. 

Through her 30+ years of health industry and clinical experience, Shelley could see that Australian healthcare organisations were lagging behind the world’s leaders in value-based healthcare and through Experience 360 has developed a revolutionary patient-partnership assessment and model to help healthcare practises transform from a fee-for-service model to a value-based delivery model, including patient generated outcomes as the measurement of success.

What we do

Our mission at Experience 360 is to support Australian healthcare organisations to move towards a patient-partnered, value-based healthcare model. We want to support them on their journey to achieve this through education, assessment, advocacy and consulting support.

Contact us to Start Your Patient-Care Journey Today

Contact us to Start Your Patient-Care Journey Today

Experience 360 - How We Help

Understanding Patient-Centred Care

What is Patient-Centred Care?

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Patient-Centred Care in Practice

What Does Patient-Centred Care Look Like?

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Getting Started With Patient-Centred Care

How Do I Get Started With Patient-Centred Care?

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Patient Journey Mapping

What is Patient Journey Mapping?

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Addressing Patient Reviews and Complaints

Patient Reviews and Complaints: What Do I Do?

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Getting Your Practice Ready For The Healthcare Revolution

Is Your Practice Ready For The Healthcare Revolution?

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