Identify Service Mistakes

Find out how your business rates in terms of service

Are Your Staff Making These Customer Service Mistakes?
After more than 21 years helping businesses, I’ve found that the following are some of the costliest service blunders

  • Do your staff huddle behind the counter instead of greeting customers at the door?
  • Or do you know the dumb thing many employees do when they answer the phone?
  • Or the most common reason people throw their hands up in frustration and leave  your business to never come back?

If not, then you could be losing tens of thousands of dollars in sales every year because of simple service mistakes you can fix FREE.

Let me explain…

Recent research shows that 4 out of 5 businesses today think their customer service is ‘superior’. But only 8% of customers agree with this ranking.

That means you could be shedding customers and profits every single day. And there’s no way you can tell because you are too close to your business. In fact, studies show that customers rarely complain to the owner when things are unsatisfactory. They just leave.

That’s why I started offering a service called The Customer Experience Insights Audit….

The simplest and most cost-effective way to check the ‘health’ of your customer experience

The Customer Experience Insights Audit is a powerful way to quickly find out where your business rate in terms of service. And more importantly how to fix any issues that are driving customers away.

The audit is personally prepared by me based on more than two decades of customer service experience.

I visit your business and call on the phone as a customer. I talk to the staff. I ask questions… and I record how they respond. Similar to a mystery shopper.

Then I write up a report with simple, free and actionable steps that you can implement immediately to start putting a big smile on your customers’ faces.

Who is this service for?

The Customer Experience Insights Audit is for you:

  • If you’re a trade or showroom based business where providing a great solution is  critical to getting the customer’s business…
  • If you’re a retail business that demands a great experience so customers don’t walk  away empty handed…
  • If you’re a service based business where you must deliver stand out service in a  highly competitive market…

It is so effective that it can pay for itself within 24 hours

The audit is normally $3,960* including GST. However, for a limited time only, you can save 50% by contacting me from this page.

That means right now it’s only $1,980* including GST – an investment you can make back by keeping just two customers you would have lost otherwise.

However, if you interested in getting one of these audits for your business, you need to book well in advance because I have to travel to conduct them.

Click on the button below to register your interest now.

*The cost of the Customer Experience Insights Report doesn’t include Shelley’s travel costs, if travelling outside Canberra.

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