A few months ago, a Melbourne GP clinic hit the headlines because it charges more to see the female doctors.

There was an uproar about gender tax. The government called for an investigation. Cries of discrimination echoed from the social media soapbox.

But a new US study now suggests that the clinic may have been on the right track.

In the study, researchers followed 580,000 Florida patient over 20 years. They tracked patient outcomes, the gender of the treating doctors, and more.

At the end of the study, the researchers analysed the results. They discovered that having a female doctor can increase a patient’s chance of survival.

“The study found that women spend more time with patients. They also listen with more care,” says Shelley Thomson.

“So I don’t believe it’s a gender difference. It’s more likely that a better patient experience improves outcomes. And this is an important lesson for ALL medical professionals – male or female.”

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