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Don’t Jeopardise The Success Of Your Medical
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Shelley Thomson is recognised as Australia’s most respected authority on patient-centred practice growth strategies. For over 30 years, she has been sought after by medical professionals to ensure their practices deliver a world-class patient experience, not just world-class clinical care.

Shelley started her career as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist (NMT) at Royal Melbourne Hospital, then moved to Epworth Hospital as an NMT and later as a Sonographer. It was there that her interest in the business aspects of healthcare was born.

She became manager of the $35 million ultrasound division for Philips Healthcare, guiding them to an unprecedented 52% market share, and started the medical subsidiary SonoSite, which developed an emergency portable ultrasound to quickly diagnose the injuries of front-line military personnel.

In her current role as founder of the healthcare consultancy Experience 360, Shelley connects with business owners and senior executives to deliver strategic training in sales, marketing, and patient care that maximises patient conversion and strengthens multiple metrics.

Shelley’s strength is teaching medical professionals how to transform their practices by developing patient-centred experiences that transcend traditional healthcare.

This is an opportunity to benefit from Shelley’s expertise and knowledge. Many medical professionals often have difficulty speaking in terms which patients and their family members can understand or they become bogged down in daily business matters that keep them from focusing on patient care.

If you’re a medical professional responsible for growing your practice, you have to think beyond providing only medical care for your patients. A consultation with Shelley will show you how to develop a patient-centred practice that is at the heart of your long-term business growth.

The growth of your practice depends on your ability to attract new patients and think from their point of view. A consultation with Shelley Thomson will teach you how to incorporate a patient-centred experience in your practice and improve your bottom line, reputation, and service at the same time.


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