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What Is Patient Experience (And How Can It  Help You To Grow Your Healthcare Organisation)

Is customer experience your responsibility? Or.. Are you managing sales, marketing, operations, customer service or HR? A different role entirely? All of the above?

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3 Patient Experience Trends You Need To Prepare For Now

The healthcare industry is changing fast these days. And if you don’t keep up with the lates...

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5 Patient Experience Strategies Amazon Can Teach Healthcare Providers

If you’re interested in patient experience strategies, then here are some valuable lesso...

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3 Mistakes To Avoid When You Develop A Patient Journey Map

You may have heard about patient journey mapping. You may even have tried it in your organisat...

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6 Principles You Can Use Today To Improve Patient Experience

A short time ago I read a story about a new mum’s admission to a Queensland hospital.  ...

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Poor Online Customer Service: Will It Make Or Break Your Retail Business In 2017?

Poor Online Customer Service Delivery… Does it matter? The short answer is YES!

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Drop What You Are Doing And Say “Hello”… NOW!

When you say hello it’s so rare it surprises customers when it actually happens.


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Customer surveys – The Good, The Bad And The Annoying

You answer and it is another annoying customer survey.

This kind of after hours p...

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Online Customer Service: Will Make Or Break Your Business In 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]

In todays customer driven world… having sensational online customer service not an option...

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